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It is important that you inform me if your dog has ANY aggressive tendencies even if they’re rare. Dogs cannot tell us when they’re uncomfortable or unhappy, so I pay close attention to their body language and behaviour while they’re with me. However, if I am already aware of any behavioural issues, I will be more alert and prepared. Dogs are generally snappy or aggressive if we’re doing something they don’t like so in this case we can work together to find ways to get around and/or solve the issues, possibly encouraging more frequent but shorter visits to the salon to give your dog the chance to get to know us and the grooming process better. It is a learning curve and some dogs take longer than others to become accustomed. There are rare occasions when I am unable to complete the groom on your dog due to its behaviour. If he is too aggressive or anxious, it’s not in his (or our) best interest to continue as it won’t make things easier and someone could get hurt. If this happens, I will phone you and ask you to collect your dog immediately and we can have a chat about the options going forward.