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This depends on what your dog has done. Most dogs who have a trim come every 6-8 weeks. Some dogs that are more high maintenance may require trimming every 4 weeks whilst other dogs who may have had a short trim, or whose coat doesn’t grow as quickly may not need to come back for 10-12 weeks. We can advise you on your appointment when you should book in again. The length of time left between grooms also depends on how well you can maintain the coat at home. If a dog is groomed daily and is matt free, they will be able to go longer whilst a dog that becomes very matted very quickly, will have to come sooner otherwise the preferred style may not be possible. Dogs which are only bathed and tidied can go anything from 6 weeks to 4 months depending on how thick your dog’s coat is. Please remember this is just a guideline and every dog and breed are different.