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Grooming FAQ’s

We appreciate that there can be so many questions you might have with regards to your dog being groomed, or maybe how to book online and pay. In the FAQ’s listed below we have tried to answer as many questions as possible for you. If we have not answered your question, then submit it via the Contact Us page and we will respond accordingly.

For any Dog Walking frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) – Please refer to Good as Gold – My dog walking business partner.

General Grooming Information

Yes, keeping your pet clean is important for your home and family. Dogs who are free from dirt and parasites make far more pleasant companions – this is especially important if you allow your pet on your bed or furniture (surely not)! We will check the condition of their coat for dry and flaking skin and select the appropriate shampoo and conditioner and ensure that any dead hair and debris is washed away with softened water and thoroughly brushed out. We will also check and trim toenails, and check ears for signs of irritation, infection or wax build up.

This is a very common assumption, but many short haired breeds shed much more than others! These breeds will benefit more from regular grooming as we have professional tools and treatments which will help to reduce the amount of dead hair in their coat and in turn, the amount of hair dropped on your carpets.

This depends on what your dog has done. Most dogs who have a trim come every 6-8 weeks. Some dogs that are more high maintenance may require trimming every 4 weeks whilst other dogs who may have had a short trim, or whose coat doesn’t grow as quickly may not need to come back for 10-12 weeks. We can advise you on your appointment when you should book in again. The length of time left between grooms also depends on how well you can maintain the coat at home. If a dog is groomed daily and is matt free, they will be able to go longer whilst a dog that becomes very matted very quickly, will have to come sooner otherwise the preferred style may not be possible. Dogs which are only bathed and tidied can go anything from 6 weeks to 4 months depending on how thick your dog’s coat is. Please remember this is just a guideline and every dog and breed are different.

The grooming needs of dogs are different depending on their breed and coat and lifestyle. Some will need dog grooming more frequently and others less often. We can offer you advice on this, but most breeds ideally need trimming around every 6 to 8 weeks. Seasonal changes can also affect coat growth where it grows more quickly in summer and needs more washing and tidying in the winter. Your dog’s nails may need cutting every 4 to 6 weeks’ dependent upon their breed and outside activity.

This varies on the breed and coat type. Keeping the coat matt-free with regular brushing and combing is essential. If your dog needs a bath, then use good quality shampoo suited to their skin and coat. You can visit between grooming appointments to have your dog bathed and brushed if required.

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Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming is located in Chingford. Therefore, we cover the London Boroughs of Epping Forest and Waltham Forest. As Mobile Dog Grooming Epping Forest, we also travel to Enfield and Barnet areas. I love working with dogs and so my grooming business allows me regular cuddles. In addition to standard dog grooms, I also have a puppy introduction groom. The puppy introduction helps your puppy get used to being washed and groomed and having their nails cut.

Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming Epping Forest is located in the London Borough of Waltham Forest in Chingford, and we have partnered with Good as Gold Pet Services for local dog walking. When you are out in Chingford or the surrounding areas, look out for the Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming van. Above all, if you do see me, give me a wave or stop me (if it is safe to do so), and let’s see what we can do for your dog.

Most importantly, my mobile dog grooming van has hydrobath washing and blaster drying – to give your dog the best groom. I will be very happy to discuss your dog grooming requirements over a telephone call or in person. I look forward to meeting you and your dog or dogs soon.

Mobile Dog Grooming Coverage Includes:

Buckhurst Hill Dog Grooming
Mobile Dog Grooming Chigwell
Dog Grooming Near Me Chipping Ongar
Dog Grooming Chingford
Chingford Hatch Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming Epping
Dog Grooming Near Me Epping Green
Hale End Mobile Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming Highams Park
Dog Grooming Lambourne End
Loughton Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming Nazeing
North Weald Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming Near Me Stapleford Abbey
Mobile Dog Grooming Stapleford Tawney
Dog Grooming Theydon Bois
Mobile Dog Grooming Waltham Abbey
Dog Grooming Woodford
Woodford Green Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming Walthamstow

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